Carpentry Rozanc is a family-owned business, opened in 1916, and has since been passed down to it's current fifth generation, along with an abundance of knowledge, skills, experience and love for the craft. We focus on bringing innovative, top-quality solutions to life, among which you'll find furnishings for all rooms, all types of fixtures (windows, doors, staircases, balcony railings, fences, etc.) as well as an additional assortment of services (restoration, saunas, art, etc.).

Crafting first-class products requires the use of top-grade materials, that's why we always select premium quality wood, colors, lacquers and hardware. The chemicals we use are designed specifically for furnishings and are eco friendly - it's the bare minimum we can do for mother nature, as she's been kind enough to keep us in business for more than a century, right? The end result - paired with our pain-striking dedication for perfection - subsequently gives the finished product an optimal usage and a long lifespan. Furniture can be made of solid wood, in combination with different flavors of veneer, glass, metal or other modern surface materials.

To bring your ideas into reality, we first need to discuss plans, pick materials, and incorporate any special requests. Only based on those and other factors, can we present you an offer. To make things even more interesting, we're also open to work in tandem with your architect, who would undoubtedly bring additional experience to the table.

We strive to taylor delivery deadlines according to your needs or at least make them as short as possible. Lastly, we offer different payment installments as well as a 5 year warranty on all of our products.